31 December 2009

Here's Today as of 11..see you in 2010

Hedgefunds, mutual funds or stocks in Q4?

Here's the stock market performance for the SP500 names in the portfolios of a select group of hedgefunds and all 3500 managers who filed 13fs in Q3. Sure some portfolios have changed since then. (Do you think John Paulson is still so long C and BAC?) As you can see, the average hedge manager did just about as well (on the big cap long side) as the Average Joe manager and the average SP500 stock. Even I am a little surprised.

22 December 2009

This is all for this Week. Off to Cincinnati

Back on Tuesday. Don't worry we will be on autopilot. Go to frs.transmatch.com and log on. During the trading day these charts are updated automatically by robots. They don't celebrate any of our holidays and they should on the job straight through. And if you have a "budget" for bleeding edge market analytics by all means send our robots an email over the holiday. They'll be glad to hear from you and they've promised to keep me in the loop.

Merry Xmas.

China Stocks banged along with Gold and Treasuries

Kinetics had a wonderful day before the day before the night before Xmas

Here's their story (who can argue?)

Kinetics' mission is to recognize securities that have unique return characteristics and favorable risk reward profiles. This methodology entails rigorous proprietary research, emphasizing non-codependence of holdings and a margin-of-safety approach to investing. The following investment criteria is applied to companies in which Kinetics invests:

  • Exploitation of very large potential markets
  • Defensible barriers to entry
  • Strong business model and balance sheet
  • High potential returns on investment capital
  • Strong and innovative management team

Here's Fred Alger

Here's their pitch: research

Recently, there has been a sharp reduction of sell-side analysts which has led to a dramatic decrease in both the quantity and quality of sell-side research. Proprietary buy-side research in stock selection is more important now than ever before. Rigorous, proprietary, fundamental, bottom-up research is, and always has been, Alger's strong suit.

Sorry but Blogger won't let me upload fancy graphs right now.

And I don't think I will hang around waiting. Ish. But you can always see what is happening in the market by going to frs.transmatch.com . Are you there yet? Pick option #2, sign in and see what you can see. Everything should be running tomorrow, Friday and Monday.

Back on Tuesday with my Cincinnati tan. Merry Xmas.


15 Minute Delayed Valuation of Stralem's 13f portfolio. An underperformer today.

Another look at Stralem - They've done well since October but not so much today.

Here's the pitch from their website.

Stralem & Company Incorporated, an independent SEC-registered Investment Adviser founded in 1966,
is a privately owned, multi-generational asset management firm located in New York. Our singular focus is investment management and our flagship product is the Large Cap Equity StrategyTM (LCES). This strategy has a long history of providing excess return with lower volatility than the markets.

This shows their risk profile which is low beta high quality. That wouldn't have worked so well in Q2-Q3 but it's the bees knees right now.

21 December 2009

New ETFs for Christmas

Gold tumble after Glen Beck Advisors stops taking calls from investors and closes its doors. In other news Protestants edge out Catholics. I haven't found a Jewish, Muslim or atheist ETF yet. But will keep looking.

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