12 July 2010

FRS Market Report Updated During the Day

We've posted a workbook on Tableau Public that visualizes the performance of stock market. We update this through the trading day. You'll get a snapshot that highlights the best and worst performers. Check the time stamp to see when we last update

Click on this link to see interactive charts like the ones below but with current prices. Let us know what you think. We can help you set up similar reports customized to your portfolio.

23 June 2010

Links to RIA Visualizations at Tableau Public

Here are links to visualizations at Tableau Public. They represent a slice of our RIA data base for VA,WV,DC,MD and DE. The vizs are (somewhat) interactive at TabPublic. The real functionality of Tableau jumps out if you have the Tableau Reader or Desktop. The full RIA data base can be purchased within a Tableau format for $2000. If you market to Investment Advisers, Brokers or Banks, you should be interested.

Map of RIAs

List of RIAs

AuM by City


18 June 2010

FRS Links

Below is the list of workbooks currently published on the server. Click to review each dashboard. They require Java. Questions? Call 917-751-1003
E-Mini Options Term Structure
Ford Equity Quant Metrics
Investment Funds Priced Intraday - 13f
Crude Oil Options Term Structure
Todays Stock Market - 1000 Stocks

08 June 2010

17 May 2010

A live view of the stock market

We've put up several visualizations of stock market activity. You can track the performance of any money manager who has filed a 13f at 'Investment Funds' or look at the equity market's performance today at 'Today's Stock Market'. We are using delayed prices and Panopticon software. Let us know what you think.


06 May 2010

instantCrash - TM

A few notes: They sold off the triple bears in the instantCrash (TM) They sold everything indiscriminately. Even P&G as you heard. High beta names have been weak for a week so no news there. SLV held. More volatility tomorrow. Guaranteed.

23 April 2010

22 April 2010

23 March 2010

Green Pie for the Cyclicals

And Techs etc. Big Cap names did quite well thank you very much

KOL and GAZ - energy for a bubbling economy - there if not here

Beta is predictive these days

GOOG doesn't show up but BAIDU does

04 March 2010

Another Dull Trading Day?

I'm not afraid to say it. It's dullsville out there. February was a month when the premature economy bulls outvoted the fighting the last war bears. Maybe tomorrow's payrolls will decide. As you know we collect and distribute RR numbers. Once you get below the industry totals (take away coal) you get the strong impression that it will be spring in a few weeks. Maybe the market will warm up too.

An Interactive List of over 25,000 Money Managers

Mailing lists. Don't you love em? If your business demands that you market or sell to investment advisors you should be interested in our new ADV product. Over 25,000 names addresses phone numbers and websites. And each and every one of these IAs, hedge funds, mutual funds and brokers wants to hear from you. Well maybe not all of them. But at least now you won't call someone who's too big or located in the wrong part of the state. If you want an interactive trial please give us a call at 347 293-1776 and we'll get you going. Cold calls welcome.

We also run over 3000 13fs updated with realtime pricing. We can give you a pretty good idea of how everyone else is doing today and why.