30 November 2011

As you can see, Big Beta busted out today

Who are the big owners of GS' list?

A little hard to read but ask for a trial version and you can see it in all its detail.
Just the holders on the GS list with >4% of their portfolio in a particular name. This cuts out the indexers. Color shows net buyers or sellers by shares in 3Q.

These managers are the true believers in GS' fave list.

Who owns China?

Well these funds don't own China but they are heaviest into Chinese names. The colors show their average percent return since Sept. 30.

All winners except NFLX

29 November 2011

Winners and Losers

Who cares about AMR?

Besides me with a prepaid ticket that rescues me from my in-laws after Xmas? These folks. Size is value as of 3Q holdings times yesterday's price. Color shows who added or subtracted in 3Q.

23 November 2011

Where is the recession? Still in Europe. Not RRs.

Rail traffic looking good. Esp for BNSF as coal looking strong. Good for Buffett I suspect although it will get lost in the mush at BRK.A

Here's the link to our railfax.transmatch.com graphs.

Pershing Square not so bad

Ackman not so bad. Up abt 6% since 3Q. Why was he still in C? CP OTOH was good idea. Mine back in '09.

Winners and Losers

DMND cuts the Momos

As the stock price indicates they were buying DMND in 3Q. Not so much the 4Q. I'd be depressed too if I worked there.

22 November 2011

Paulson --- or at least a good chunk of him

What he said he did in 3Q.

Up about 4.4% for his 13f names QTD

Winners and Losers

Gold Bug Report. 3Q11

Net sellers for AU SCCO and GOLD otherwise no turning back in 3Q

Paulson and Tradewinds stick out.

Who cared about carloadings in 3Q?

Jan. 3 Update. Here's an interactive view of the railroads 13f filings for 3Q. It's pretty straightforward. Call if you want to talk about the data or software or whatever is on your mind.

GBX has had a nice rebound since 3Q. CSX sold off sharply in 3Q and hasn't gained many new friends.

UNP and CNI are core holdings. Even though Pershing Square bought a ton of CP, it's not that big a part of their portfolio.

This tells us who the indexers are....

The big rails were for sale in 3Q - look at the border color.

Out of CSX. (Not me. though)

CP caught more than Ackman's attention.

Most big owners added stock in the 3Q selloff.

Leaving for good. Close outs.

Taking a chance. New positions.

If you'd like to trial the EZviz Portfolio software send us an email or give us a call. It's free.

And if you are deeply interested in specific railroad traffic and operating performance check out this BNSF report.

Bad day for these shipowner owners.....

The largest pct of their portfolio in shipping companies. Ouch.

Price change 9/30 to 11/22

Running a steamship line is almost as tough as investing in one.

21 November 2011

China Names Cracked Up - Risk Off

Who bet big on risky Chinese companies? No surprises on the list. This is what outfits like Baillie Gifford get paid to do viz. gamble your money on wacko Chinese companies that probably won't be around in five quarters. If you can't read the smaller holders it's because you didn't download the trial version of our software. See link above and get it.

They owned FMCN. But why?

Most big owners of Focus Media added to their positions in 3Q and are now hurting. The icons show the mgrs. with >3% of their portfolio in that one name. WT hey?

OTOH some mgrs. bailed out (more or less) on this name. They get stars.

5 stocks up for every 495 down....

Hedge funds aren't worth a hill of beans (relative to the S&P 500)



Was anyone surprised that the Super Committee bombed out? Or that the USA is ungovernable? Or that Newt Gingrich likes kids less than Jerry Sandusky?

Who did what with DNDN in 3Q?

The courageous bottom feeding buyers. Red = new position. Icon>3% Shares outstanding

Sellers with Green = Sold Out.

17 November 2011

14 November 2011

Winners and Losers

Who sold IBM shares to Buffett?

IBM Buyers - red means new position

and Sellers - blue means sold out

13fs are starting to pile up (although Berkshire's doesn't come out until tonight). Apparently there were lots more big sellers than buyers (x Berkshire). We'll revisit this in a few days when we have more data....

download EZviz Portfolio to see all the 3Q filers

10 November 2011

I figure AAPL's problems are worth about 12bps off the SPY

Railroad Traffic Ticks

Rail Traffic Still Pretty Strong according to Railfax. Don't get too upset by slight downturn. It's November FCS. We won't really know if there's an the impact from an Italo-Greek slowdown until next spring.

Green Mountain turning Red

With 3rd Q 13fs coming in we can see that most holders were net sellers before Sept 30. Perhaps not enough. The icons show >2% portfolio in GMCR. You can't see the 3Q overweighters - Rail-Splitter, Insight and Geneva. Go download the trial and see for yourself.