30 September 2011

Losers and a few winners

IR and MU....crushed. And they don't like funds. Mutual or otherwise.

JAT in the Doghouse but not alone

Everyone was beating up on JAT yesterday because they owned most of the MoMo names that are getting killed in this bearish rotation. JAT's 2Q portfolio is down about 25%.... on the longside. Where they are really? je ne sais pas.

Too much China. Too much internet.

I asked the robot to come back with other funds that owned the same names as JAT. The usual suspects. If one sells they all sell.

29 September 2011

Can you see the rotation of the market (around AAPL)?

Momentum Shmoementum

US (DOJ) declares war on China (companies)

Perhaps it's a reach to claim that ALL Chinese companies are guilty of accounting fraud. Perhaps not. Anyways. Here's a breakdown of the funds that are heavy in China. How much they've lost since 2Q but not including today's slam. And the RED China stocks since 2Q. I know you can't read the little boxes. That's why you need to buy the software. No accounting tricks. It's a steal.

Winners (mostly) and Losers

22 September 2011

Happy Day for TLT

Banks of course and some risk-adverse funds. Good for them.

Shorts on....

UBS put out a list of heavily shorted stocks. Here are the funds that own big chunks of them. Of course it's hard to read most of them. The idea is that you get a demo of our ezViz Portfolio software and find out for yourself.

Wouldn't you be upset after they picked Meg Whitman

if you had >1% of your portfolio in that sad ass company?

More losers. Mostly losers. Almost all losers.

Miners Stripped

If you are interested I can also show you the funds that kept adding mining stocks in 2Q

The serious funds who made the biggest bets are a little hard to read on this chart but you get the idea. Lots of them. No doubt many have sold out. If they could.

Mostly sellers.

21 September 2011

Who cares about rail carloadings? These guys.

Mostly 3Q filings here showing who big chunks of their portfolio in rails. Childrens' is Baaaaaack.

Partial 3q shares changes with >3% of portfolio owners flagged.

New 3Q numbers coming in. With this surprise. CSX sold off in 3Q!! More coming soon as the rest of 3Q is added to the db. Or download the EVportfolio app to see for yourself.

Every Thursday we publish railfax.transmatch.com If coal traffic is down our report will tell you. These funds are certainly interested.

Here's performance since the end of 2Q until Sept 28

Interested in individual railroads? Here's what we've done with BNSF numbers recently.

BNSF Sample

Call for details on our full Railshare service.

Winners and Losers

If they don't want met coal then they don't need railroads to move met coal. Sadly.

Bads news for PACB is bad for INTC

Big problems for PACB and indirectly its largest owners esp. INTC which has 5% of its poker chips in PACB

Coal stocks are burning (up)

Managers with at least 1% in various coal companies. Not a good week for these folks.

20 September 2011

These funds sold out of OREX in 2Q. Ye of little faith

Winners and Losers

Big Day for Biotech and their Owners

Here's a chart showing funds with the highest cumulative pct of their portfolios in biotech (x AMGN, BIIB,VRX and GILD). Some bigger than others but I am sure all good prospects for a BMW salesman today.

This treemap highlights funds with stakes in biotech companies at least .5% of the company and 1% of their portfolio. Big biotech investors who really have to know what is going on i.e. not index robots.

19 September 2011

It's sunny in NYC today. But not for these funds that are loaded with solar stocks

The size reflects the percent of portfolio for selected solar stocks (GTAT, JKS,TAN,LDK,JASO,STP,TSL). Color shows average losses since 2Q. Bad day to be in the sun. Bad quarter.

I added a few more names but took out FSLR as it's so large.