21 September 2011

Who cares about rail carloadings? These guys.

Mostly 3Q filings here showing who big chunks of their portfolio in rails. Childrens' is Baaaaaack.

Partial 3q shares changes with >3% of portfolio owners flagged.

New 3Q numbers coming in. With this surprise. CSX sold off in 3Q!! More coming soon as the rest of 3Q is added to the db. Or download the EVportfolio app to see for yourself.

Every Thursday we publish railfax.transmatch.com If coal traffic is down our report will tell you. These funds are certainly interested.

Here's performance since the end of 2Q until Sept 28

Interested in individual railroads? Here's what we've done with BNSF numbers recently.

BNSF Sample

Call for details on our full Railshare service.

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