29 January 2010

Which Managers Owned too much Coal (KOL) this week

Steelhead had a nice run with coal stocks going up and up even though demand for steam coal has been err tepid. There are still months of stockpiles at electric utilities.

Here are all 3500 money managers for today. Of most interest is that the average stock now shows negative since the end of Q3. 6-7% gains for managers a few weeks ago have dissipated. January is the cruelest month. So far.

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KOL crushed EDZ upa bunch

I really don't know why KOL is taking the spotlight today. Can you think of anything further from emerging market or tech speculation than coal? OK maybe soap. But here it is. Look to the left to see how the EDZ>KOL arb is doing this afternoon.

Can't upload......ish magish

Anyway Techs are retreating. Go to tableau.nyic.com to see the details.

KOL SLV and EDZ are down at the open

This is going to require some thinking.

28 January 2010

The bad stayed bad but not as bad

Intraday bears were outta the short KOL/SLV Long EDZ at lunchtime. Too many croos currents IMO to stay super bearish (overnight) Risk beat safety today as otherwise solid tech names cratered. That leaves lots of people at loose ends. No telling where the money from tech is going to go.

Per some suggestions there are new dashboards as tableau.nyic.com frsbeta:mkt2010 Try them out tomorrow during the trading day.

KOL Bears SLV Bears = EDZ Bulls

FYI if you go over to our railfax.transmatch.com you'll see that coal traffic actually isn't as bad as it's been. Not that anyone cares about the real world today. Just saying. Nothing to say in defense of silverbugs. Squished.

We make Dashboards

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EDZ>KOL Arb is back

It didn't take much for traders to bail on their bullish positioning from yesty. Just a few big tech names cratering? Isn't Netflix more important than MOT?

It'd be nice to have a clean chart to show you but you get the picture. Fear rules.
Coal and Silver are dirt.

Qualcomm takes away

These guys owned way too much QCOM.....

Owned by the indexers. Robots stub their toes.

What Netflix gives.....

These managers have NFLX as big parts of their portfolios

These are the big owners

27 January 2010

Maybe KOL is the best tell

Coal KOL and SLV vs 3X bearish Emerging markets EDZ. Obvs they are inversely correlated so they must be touching the same nerve. As you know we talk about coal in our RR commentary and it's not moving because of wind and stockpiles. OTOH KOL is moving a lot.....to the downside.

When Banks were outperforming the Utes we'd call it a Buy the Yellows Trade. So Long XLF Short XLU. But keep an eye on EDZ. Its twitches are the tell.

26 January 2010

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Some improvement not much

It does look like SLV is in the same boat as the Emerging Market punters like PIE FXI PDP.

Link to Hedge Fund Winners and Losers this Week

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You'll see live charts like these from our server with a 20 min delay. You can click to other charts and tables via the Workbook link. Want more details call 347-293-1776. Meanwhile go to tableausoftware.com and try their demo.

Link to Money Manager Performance today


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You'll see live charts like these from our server with a 20 min delay. You can click to other charts and tables via the Workbook link. Want more details call 347-293-1776. Meanwhile go to tableausoftware.com and try their demo.

Ouch if you are long EDZ Short SLV

The best time is the worst time

How can you do better than EDZ? If you are a global bear?

Is Silver more of a bullish bet than China? Seems that way.

25 January 2010

22 January 2010

Who ownes SLM or AXP & Paulson Buffett Today

Big owners of SLM..hurting

Big Owners of AXP .. hurting

Paulson Today....COP crushed him

This is Berkshire today..see the AXP tail

ETFs mostly down this AM

Mostly more of yesterday with XLF getting hammered on Volcker attack. They're liking China today.

Go get yourself a trial version of Tableau


It really works.

Best and Worst Industries

Hammering semiconductors on AMD Metals in freefall esp Steel like AKS X

Medical equip and railroads. RRs aren't as bad as people thought after CSX

21 January 2010

Financial Research Station

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Running High and Low Risk Portfolios.

I know this doesn't look like much but here are minute by minute charts for 2 custom portfolios (based on Ford's VMO). This is tough and/or expensive to do even with lots of IT support at most trading shops. BTW High Risk names outperformed. Go figure.

iRailfax Report

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Lots of blood on the floor

Looks like a shot gun blasted through the market leaving a spray of bank and materials stocks on the wall behind. Sam Peckinpah directed?

Way more losers.

Of course high beta names took a hit but not VMOs. Why? Low quality banks did best in the rotation from Big Banks

We added a bunch more names to FRS list. Some of them may not be with us for long.

Red Pie. Very Red.

Not all banks are targets

Look at the disconnect between regionals like FITB and the Big Brokerbanks like BAC.

Stocks Crushed by Banks, SCOTUS, Health Care, Gridlock, Dysfunction, Lower Back Pain

Still not favoring High Quality Names to Junk. Odd.

Don't want me some steel or mines


Banks down as Obama attacks their prop desks.

Whoever made bets on financials is hurting today.