21 January 2010

Financial Research Station

Financial Research Station: "Financial Research Station

Financial Research Station (FRS) combines Tableau visual analysis software and Mergent/Ford market analytic and fundamental data to deliver cost-effective, easy-to-use analytics for investment managers and quantitative analysts. ASI has loaded the Mergent and Ford data bases on our server that is directly accessible from your desktop.

Click HERE for a set of sample charts and tables created using Ford and Mergent data inside FRS. You will quickly see the value of visual analysis for investment research. Good ideas quickly are separated from the not-so-good ones. With FRS you will be able to design and test new alpha generating ideas in minutes not hours or days.

Click HERE to access our Tableau Server. Please use frsbeta and mkt2010 as user:password. There we have loaded several interactive Tableau workbooks using Ford, J3SG and pricing data. You can see intraday performance for stocks in the S&P500 and over 3000 money managers. Open each workbook and explore Tableau's interactive features within FRS. No need to download software or learn Tableau. It's intuitive, fast and extremely powerful.

You can begin analyzing the data with FRS and get pretty far without any help; or give us a call and we'll give you a remote GotoMeeting demonstration showing how Tableau and Ford/Mergent work together in FRS.

Once you get going, you will quickly see how FRS can make you vastly more productive.

To set up a live demo call us at (347) 293-1776, or click HERE to Email Us

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