23 October 2009

Galleon once more

Was Galleon cooking their numbers? Some say yes, FT says maybe not. It doesn't appear they cooked their 13f filings. Looking at the performance over time of Galleon's long names, we found...
Winners: AAPL, DELL, EMC, FSLR, STX Breakeven GOOG, INTC, QCOM, HPQ, PEP (What's he doing there?) Losers MSFT, LXK, RIMM, NVDA, YHOO ERTS Dunno SPY (Big losses presumably hedged on short side) (Maybe). See a pattern? Raj made money on stocks that went up over time. And lost it on ones that went down over time. Just like the rest of us. Nothing worthy of a big place on Round Hill Road.

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