21 October 2009

Galleon over time

Thanks to our friends at http://www.j3sg.com/ we have a historical look at the 13fs for Galleon over the past several years. We haven't done much data cleansing yet, so take these charts with a grain or two of salt. As you know, we don't have any info on their short or derivative positions. And if they just happened to buy 400,000 shares of a takeover target the day before the news and sold it before the end of the quarter? Well that's just between them and the SEC. My preliminary conclusion: Galleon started shutting down back in 2007. They got an assist from the market but they were headed for the exits anyway.

I apologize for the clunkiness of the Changes chart. Better first than fancy.

If anyone wants a Tableau workbook with the Galleon data "as is" just ask in comments.

More later.

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