03 November 2009

BNI gone CSX next?

I can't say it was a total surprise when I read that Warren was taking out the rest of BNI. He is does like to own the whole thing. We have lots to say about BNI and RRs. After all that's what we do at railfax.transmatch.com. But for now a few instant comments. 1) WB is buying a global commodities player that will have certain value in a world of dollar devaluation and China's huge appetite for hard things. 2) He thinks the Great Recession has made some assets relatively very cheap (see above). 3) Maybe he have lost faith in the lions of the 80s and 90s i.e. KO and AXP 4) If he is right, the US economy is going to look more like Canada's 5) Hey I owned a bunch of BNI from 20 years ago! 6) CP and UNP are the best candidates for the next BNI

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